Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printers (PIJ)

Print directly onto outer packaging at high speeds with exceptional accuracy and clarity using our industrial piezo inkjet printers. 

Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printers

The modular construction and connectivity allows for many variations of print head configurations. This makes them ideal for case decoration, graphics printing and large character coding onto industrial applications such as plasterboard.

Squid Ink Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printers

The Squid Ink piezo inkjet printers can replace labelling by printing directly onto cases and cartons. The cost per print will be significantly reduced and this method can replace either manual labelling or automated label applicators. When supplied with a case feeder, the Squid Ink Co-Pilot range of piezo inkjet printers can print variable information in wide format onto flat cases prior to erection in production areas allowing it to replace wrap-around or corner-wrap labels.

Oil-based, Mineral Oil Free (MOF), UV cured inks and solvent-based inks are available for a wide range of materials including coated stock and difficult substrates. Ink is supplied in 200ml or 500ml cartridges which can be changed during the printing process.

Stand-alone control units can link multiple heads together allowing two sided coding on opposite sides of a case or large print areas. Available in models to print both horizontal or vertically down, the Co-Pilot from Codetronix is cost-effective and low maintenance.

Industrial piezo inkjet printers

Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printers for Your Production

As an ink manufacturer of 30 years, Squid have pioneered the use of primarily Xaar but also other manufacturers’ printheads to be used with a wide variety of inks so that a whole host of porous and non-porous surfaces can be successfully decorated with best before dates, content information, safety instructions, logos, barcodes, 2d datamatrix and QR codes for example. The secret to any successful installation of industrial piezo inkjet coding and marking equipment is always to start with the ink.

This allows the Squid Hi-Res printers to be installed for some applications that used to be the sole domain of other technologies because an ink needed to be specified to dry on non-porous surfaces like metalized plastic packaging, film materials, metals, rubber, pvc plastic tubing and painted surfaces. In addition, many companies have been forced to use expensive and quite complex print and apply labelers to carry the all important message on the box when inkjet printers have struggled to come up with a suitable solution.

With solvent and UV cure inks in the piezo CoPIlot range complimenting the standard mineral oil and eco friendly Mineral oil free (MOF) Squid have a truly unrivalled array of inks on the market making the industrial piezo inkjet printer a great solution for food and non-food industries like extrusion and parts marking as well as primary packaging coding and outer case coding in food and beverage manufacturing.

Industrial piezo inkjet printers

Industrial Piezo Inkjet Printer Support

Technical support and training are provided from our Leeds centre from where we also supply consumables for all Squid Ink printers.

Enquiring about a printer is just the start of the relationship with Codetronix. We will work with you to ensure we deliver the right solution for your needs. Along with the right printer, this could include a case feeder, conveyor, traverser or other handling system for your products. We can supply software to link our printers into your network as well as barcode reading equipment and code verification. Explore our range of industrial piezo inkjet printers below.

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