Industrial Laser Coding Printers

Macsa ID offers lasers which can achieve high quality marking and coding on a wide range of substrates and surfaces. Requiring no consumables and minimal service, they deliver an environmentally friendly solution to high volume product marking.

Recognised as a world leader in technological innovation, Macsa ID was the first company in the world to develop a dynamic coding laser.

Laser Coding Printers

Industrial laser coding printers are used to carry out high quality marking on a wide range of substrates and surfaces. Requiring no consumables or spare parts, and only minimal servicing, they deliver an environmentally friendly solution to high volume product marking. Macsa ID provides a range of high-quality laser coding printers for a multitude of end uses and markets. Each allows the marking of text, data or graphics directly on to your product, providing precision identification and traceability. With no need for consumables, these lasers are ecological and cost effective to run.

Industrial laser coding printers

Industrial Laser Marking Systems for Production

Built with high performance lenses, dual processors and a Vibration Compensation System (VCS), Macsa ID industrial lasers are designed to deliver premium quality markings at high speeds. Our industrial laser coding printers are incredibly reliable, fast, flexible and can be adapted to harsh production environments – negating the risk of costly downtime or reprints.

We can tailor our laser solutions to meet your exact business and production needs. We also offer ongoing customer support to ensure that your production is never compromised.

  • High quality marking
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • The perfect choice for even the hardest to code materials.
  • Ecological
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable technology
  • Low cost of ownership
Industrial laser coding printers

Industrial Laser Coding Printers for Your Production

For permanent, high-quality marking of a wide range of materials, the Macsa ID Industrial Laser Coders offer ultra-reliable consumable-free coding. By utilising the optimum laser source for your material, these industrial laser coding printers will produce a code onto even the most difficult surfaces. With a choice of CO2, fibre, YAG, Green and UV lasers and with capability to produce samples in the UK we can find the right laser technology for you.

Industry sectors such as beverage bottling, cosmetics, ready meals, convenience foods and confectionery will all benefit from the Macsa ID lasers: the ICON2 CO2 laser is a low cost entry-level laser which offers a great alternative to inkjet on material such as PET bottles or cardboard and carton packaging. For wet, washdown or harsh environments, the SPA-CIP laser gives IP65 protection. In parts marking applications that require coding onto metal or for hard to code plastics like HDPE, we recommend the F Duo fibre lasers. For more delicate plastics or for removal of a coating, the UV and Green lasers would be suitable.

Industrial laser coding printers

Laser Coding Printer Support

Technical support is provided from our Leeds centre for all Macsa industrial laser coding printers.

Enquiring about a printer is just the start of the relationship with Codetronix. We will work with you to ensure we deliver the right solution for your needs. Along with the right printer, this could include a conveyor, traverser or other handling system for your products. We can supply software to link our printers into your network as well as barcode reading equipment and code verification. Explore our range of industrial laser coding printers below.

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D-5000 DUO 


D-5000 UV




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