Industrial Printer Inks and Fluids

Using genuine industrial printer inks and fluids in your Citronix, Squid Ink and HSA printers is essential to ensure optimum print quality and longevity of the all-important printer components such as pumps, valves and nozzles.

Explore our extensive range of printer inks and fluids for all Citronix, Squid Ink and HSA coding and marking systems below.

Citronix Fluids:

As the exclusive distribution partner for Citronix in the UK, we provide genuine inks, make-up and solvents to fit all models, no matter how old they are.

A wide range of Citronix industrial printer inks and fluids are available, from fast-drying black, blue and red inks to white and yellow inks for dark substrates and thermo-chromic inks for retort processes. Our inks are developed by Citronix and manufactured in the UK.

We stock most inks in our Leeds warehouse and these are available on a next day delivery. To help you manage your stock levels, we offer Ink Supply Agreements whereby we will deliver a set quantity to you each month which can very with your production demands across the year.

Ink and make-up cartridges are 750ml each; solvent is available in 1 litre bottles.

Industrial printer servicing

Squid Ink Fluids:

Squid Ink manufacture industrial printer inks and fluids for their range of CoPilot high-resolution piezo inkjet printers. These can print onto almost any substrate material including oil and solvent-based inks for porous and non-porous card, plastics, metal and glass. In addition, UV-cured inks are available to ensure that the ink dries fast and adheres to the most difficult surfaces.

As with our other printer ranges, we stock the most common Squid Ink fluids in our Leeds warehouse.

Industrial printer inks and fluids

HSA Cartridges:

We supply industrial printer inks and fluids for our HSA printers using the standard design HP45si cartridges. These are available from either HSA, HP or Kao Collins and come in a huge variety of colours with properties suitable for many different applications.

The new HSA K4054si ink has a 12 hour de-cap time, making it ideal for processes that stop and start but demand a consistently high print quality.

For large ink-usage applications, we also offer a bulk-ink capability. Kao Collins ink are available for our HSA printers. We can provide a colour-match service for virtually any Pantone Matching System (PMS) colour.

Industrial printer inks and fluids

Inks and Fluids from Other Manufacturers:

If you already own a printer from another manufacturer such as Videojet, Hitachi or Markem, we can often supply the most commonly used inks, solvents and make-up.

Please contact us with your current part number and we will quote our equivalent in the correct bottle or cartridge along with minimum order quantities.

Industrial printer inks and fluids

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