Macsa Laser Coding Systems

Lasers are used used to apply small character codes (lot codes and batch numbers, dates etc) and other alphanumeric information to packaged goods.

ICON: Compact CO2 Lasers

  • Compact, clean, fast and easy to use 
  • Attractive altnerative to CIJ for small character coding
  • No ink means no mess and low costs
  • Intrinsically reliable meaning no breakdown and low maintenance charges

K Series: CO2 Lasers

  • Power and speed to meet the needs of most companies
  • Paper, board, glass and a wide range of plastics
  • IP65 variants are available for damp and dusty environments

fLASER: Flexible and foil Lasers

  • Used to apply codes to flexible foil, film and plastic coated packaging substrates
  • Cost effective and high quality alternatives to other technologies
  • Deliver consistent, permanent, high quality codes without interruption even in harsh environments
  • On-board computer enables multiple message storage
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